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Achuma Desmond

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Achuma Desmond   in reply to Johnson B.   on


Don't warry dear God will open away out.
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Achuma Desmond  

Achuma Desmond

My name is Desmond am an orphan, and am 25yrs old am African and am Ugandan by Nationality. But currently am in S-sudan working and am self employed. Now in this country civil war brock out that left me to a big lose. I have financial problems since this civil war brock out, I lost my bussines because of this war, the problem is some people are demanding me some money equivalent to = 4,000£ us dollars.
This money is not giving me peace completely I don't sleep during night time just because of this money 4,000£ us dollars. I have come along to this site to seak someone who can bill me out of this financial errors. Please I beg help please. After your help then you'll decide what I should do for you in order to recover back your money, and I promise I I'll be faithfull and God fearing worker,manager, helper, even if you want Somebody that you can use to make money for your self am really reedy to do all you want. am really reedy to go where you want I'll go with you and do your will please. These money dose not give me rest of mind am really bad and I really believe that being an orphan is really very bad. Any one who can be eble to bill me out of this financial problems will own me for him/her' self until I I work for you and recover your money back please accept my request please. Am serious about all this issue anyone who fill to help me please contact me right away I beg you. I need freedom of all this....I Pray that God may convict you inside your heart about helping me out. Please don't get scared am human being like you just having financial problems, I promise if you help me out of these financial problems that I have, I will do anything to make you happy, I will honor you, I will respect you,and I will be what you want me to be, I promise all this with all my heart.
Contact me with my number and my e-mail.


You's faithfull Achuma Desmond.
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